Health Maintenance After 90 Days 2X


Health Maintenance After 90 Days – 2x a month: 30 minute coaching check-in sessions.

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90 Day Coaching Program
Yoga . Physical Health Support
Fruit Water
Vegetables. Fruit. Nuts.
Wellness. Health. Relaxation
90 Day Health & Wellness Program Save 15%

Health + Wellness Coaching

support and guidance
Your Goals
transformative life changes

2 (30 minute) phone session and success check-in.


Working with me includes:

  • A health plan designed specifically for you

  • Private and focused 1-1 Coaching

  • Healthy Habit Creation and implementation

  • Goal-Setting

  • Accountability Support if desired

  • Food Education

  • Meal Planning and Healthy Recipe Options

  • Subscription to my Community News – for helpful information

  • Ongoing E-mail support


My personal commitment to your health and success in making sustainable, long-lasting lifestyle adjustments to improve your health, life and HAPPINESS.



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