90 Day Health & Wellness Monthly


  • No two people are alike.

    We have different bodies, metabolisms, possible underlying medical issues, and personal health goals we want to achieve.

    We have different schedules, limitations, needs, and lifestyles; personal experiences regarding our health journey.

  • Tailored for you.

    My Health & Wellness program recognizes your individuality. Your Health Plan is tailored for you specifically.

Together, we’ll review your history, consider what’s worked for you in the past, as well as what hasn’t.  We’ll discuss your goals and co-create and a Health Plan based on your specific needs, intentions, lifestyle and the key:  your daily habits.

Because success in life, and in health, depends on what we do daily.

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90 Day Coaching Program
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90 Day Health & Wellness Program Save 15%

Health + Wellness Coaching

$575 monthly    $1466 paid-in-full

4 (50 minute) phone session and program steps.

If you wish to continue, the 2nd and 3rd Installment will be due the first of the month.


Working with me includes:

  • A health plan designed specifically for you

  • Private and focused 1-1 Coaching

  • Healthy Habit Creation and implementation

  • Goal-Setting

  • Accountability Support if desired

  • Food Education

  • Meal Planning and Healthy Recipe Options

  • Subscription to my Community News – for helpful information

  • Ongoing E-mail support


My personal commitment to your health and success in making sustainable, long-lasting lifestyle adjustments to improve your health, life and HAPPINESS.


support and guidance
Your Goals
transformative life changes


Health and Maintenance Program after the 90-days

If you chose to continue with your health and maintenance goals after the 90 days I offer two programs:

Twice a month: 30 minute coaching check-in sessions for $175.00

Once a month: 30 minute coaching check-in session for $95.00


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