What's a Health Coach?

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I Am a Health & Wellness Coach

I receive a lot of questions about the profession of a Holistic Health Coach.

I have been coaching folx for about 30 years. I recently began the journey to become Nationally Registered. That path includes my current enrollment in Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health & Wellness Coaching Training, following my certification in Health & Wellness Coaching I’ll enroll in the secondary certification required to be a Registered Health Coach both Nationally and Internationally.

  • What a Holistic Health Coach is

I  think of health coaches as  health support and mentors, we are  educators.  Our job is to support people in their journey to build healthy new habits and create sustainable lifestyle changes.  

Some Health Coaches have generalized practices and others are more specialized.

I specialize in holistic | nutrition | health & wellness | chronic pain and serve alternative lifestyles such as the sex positive and polyamory community.

What I’ve seen is that a lot of health coaches specialize in health struggles or communities that they personally relate to. 

  • What a Holistic Health Coach is not

A Health Coach is NOT a nutritionist, a GP, a PT or any other form of psychological or psychiatric counselor or doctor. A Health Coach is NOT supposed to replace any of those, rather it is there to support and complement other health care professionals.

  • Unique approach compared to the Traditional Western Medical System

As a holistic health coach, I have pretty unique approach compared to the traditional western system. IIN was a match for me because it has a strong focus on the whole person –  that health isn’t just what you eat. recognizes that things like relationships, career, movement and connected-ness to oneself all play a huge part in our health. Well, it’s a pretty revolutionary viewpoint compared to traditional reactive, disease-treatment-focused health care system that we’re used to. 

  • Bio individuality what it is and why it’s important

IIN also strongly supports the idea of bio-individuality, being that one size does not fit all, and so a health coach will work with clients on a highly individualized basis.

  • How your relationship to food is a direct reflection of your relationship to life itself

Personally, I’m a big believer that your relationship to food is a direct reflection of your relationship to life itself. In that sense, food can be a beautiful doorway to a deeper understanding of oneself. And this is where health coaching can be really powerful – because whilst we may initially look at what foods are best for you to eat, we soon start looking at how you eat and why you eat the way that you do, and that can be a beautiful catalyst to big change and deeper healing.

Health & Wellness

30 Minute

Wellness Coaching

Self Care vs Personal Care

We know it seems odd to separate the but we believe they are separate. You could see them as 2 sides of the same coin.
Personal Care is what we do every day or maybe what we should be doing.
Showers, oral care, dental exams, chiropractic appointments, doctor appointments etc. These are Personal Care.
That lovely massage and the mani-pedi we dream of – those are self care.
Wellness. Selfcare. Self-Care.

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