Newly Diagnosed Trigeminal Neuralgia Chronic Pain

Newly Diagnosed
Trigeminal Neuralgia
Chronic Pain

Autonomic Symptoms

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Trigeminal Neuralgia comes with it's own 'side effects', officially called autonomic symptoms; which often are magnified by the medications.

Here are a few, but not an exhaustive, list of known autonomic symptoms

Autonomic Symptoms.

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Autonomic Symptoms

Trigeminal Neuralgia comes with it’s own ‘side effects’ called autonomic Symptoms. which often are magnified by the medications. Here are a few, but not an exhaustive, list of known autonomic symptoms.

For many of us these “bonus” conditions are triggered by the nerves and often predecessor to flares or the result of the flares.

In the first 48 hours of being diagnosed ShelleyRae had over 50% of these “bonuses”. By the end of the week ShelleyRae had experienced all but 3 of the “bonuses”.

The “bonuses” may not appear exactly as listed. It’s not uncommon for the face flush to be just an ear. The bruised sensation often shows up for ShelleyRae with tenderness to the area. Pink eye turned to a ocular migraine.

With Personal Care Routines these “bonus” features can be managed to some extent.

Personal Care

We believe changing person care routines can improve over all management of pain and the “bonuses” that come with it.For these “bonus” conditions we have a few ideas.
We encourage you to try them multiple times. We’ve found that even if somethng works once it might not the next time but very well might the 4th and that the opposite is true as well.
These are a few of our favorites that are “tried and true”.
  1. In General. – Tea. Whether hot, warm or cold when things are not going as desired a moment with tea often brings a moment of peace. A chance to reset.
  2. Flushed Face – a gentle face cleanse. These feel a bit like you’ve taken niacin. Cold is often too cold and hot is typically too hot but a soft caressing face cleanse is refreshing.
  3. Eye “Bonuses” – A face steam or gentle not quite cold compress or even a mini facial will often alleviate these to some extent.
  4. Pins & Needles – We’ve found a shower to be helpful. The water seems to distract the nerves a bit. Not having a pool we don’t know, but, we suspect a dip in a warmish pool would also work.
  5. Sound Sensitivity – A terriers bark sends us straight to the ceiling. Ear plugs help. We carry EarPeace plugs with us. They’ve helped a lot. We also have found our regular ear buds help. Along with binaural sounds or classical piano soothes. Watch out for brass, woodwinds and electronic music – they seem to be triggering.



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