Pineapple-Raspberry-Banana Smoothie

Throughout my life, I’ve always managed to find foods that alleviate certain body imbalances. If I have a headache, almonds tend to help. Digestive issues, and I’ll eat some yogurt. And I’ve found that high mineral content water just makes my body feel well. These are things that I haven’t done any research on, I just learned over time that they work for me.

This presents a problem.  I will never have enough time or ailments to try everything to see what works.  Which makes me glad that human beings have a well documented history in our use and application of herbs and ingredients. There are some things I would have never thought to try, and it’s not surprising that in some areas of the world, people have been using it for thousands of years. Hippocrates himself promoted the use of a brew made from leaves of a willow tree, and ancient peruvians utilized the bark of the “fever tree” – which we now view as aspirins humble beginnings.

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Papaya and Mango Smoothie

All plants have a purpose in the natural world. Enduring cultures know this, and have long exercised a proven practice in utilizing  plants for more than just decorative and culinary uses. They have found higher purposes for many plants, which include therapies, supplements and medicines for a variety of human afflictions.

So it comes as no surprise that approximately twenty-five percent of all prescription drugs are derived from trees, shrubs and herbs. Yet throughout human history, few plants have acquired as significant of purpose and meaning as the Ashoka tree (Saraca asoca).

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Kale Pineapple Smoothie

Some days I’ll look in the mirror and wonder how the heck my hair all of a sudden got so long. Its slow creeping growth has surprised me. Then there are times when it seems that no matter how much conditioner I use, my hair has a never ending thirst, and appears grayer than usual.

My usual reaction is to cut it back.  Short. But that only delays the inevitable creeping growth and graying thirst.

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Avocado Mango Mint Smoothie

NSAID’s (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are a class of drugs that provide analgesic and antipyretic (fever-reducing) effects, and, in higher doses, anti-inflammatory effects.

They include naproxen, ibuprofen and aspirin, and are used to treat a wide assortment of ailments associated with pain and inflammation. The one you might use is usually decided by its side effects, or how they interact with other drugs – there are risks

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Raspberry Mango Coconut Smoothie

Earthy and warm, cumin provides the palette with a signature that is aromatic and distinct, sharpening and brightening any companion food item’s taste and smell.

Some, like myself, reach for the cumin when pondering depth of flavor or to give a dish a lift, only hesitating to decide whether or not to break out the mortar and pestle or use it in its whole seed form. As with other whole seed spices, I remain undecided and tend to toast them to a wonderful aroma, and then slightly crack them apart, either to blend with other spices or add directly to its host as I would fresh cracked pepper.

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